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  1. How Does A Branded Resume Differ From A Regular Resume?
    On an employer’s financial statements people are liabilities not assets.
    That means you cost the employer money.
    Somehow you have to show the employer how you can generate revenue or save on expenses to justify your cost.

    How Does the Resume Fit into the process?
    The resume has three purposes:...

    Step by Step Guide to Creating a Resume for a Specific Job

    Outline for Creating a Branded Resume
    1. Locate a Job Advertisement and List What They are Asking For.
    2. Find and Highlight Keywords or Themes
    3. Identify and Quantify Accomplishments
    4. Organize Resume


    The Cover Letter serves two purposes:

    1. A chance to really focus on an accomplishment(s) that the job would be interested in.

    2. A writing sample

    Although all of your accomplishment are highlighted on your resume this is a great opportunity to delve into the experiences that matter to the job advertisement.

    If you are not a good writer, meaning your high school English papers had many errors, then find the best writer you know to edit your work.

    Ultimately, the cover letter is an important writing sample that can make or break you for the job based on errors and writing style...

  4. What Employers Generally Prefer in an Employee
    S.W.O.T. Analysis

    • Joy to work with.
    • Happy and Optimistic
    • Understand your roles in the organization
    • Maximize the position you are in versus the position you ultimately want.
    • Make your boss happy.
    • Passionate and mission driven....

    What is going on in their head?

    Employer’s Perspective on Hiring:
    • Expensive
    • Time-consuming
    • Fear-based
    • Selecting who will be the least liability not the best asset.

    Many companies use slogans talking about how their employees are their best asset....

  6. Testimonials

    I have worked with Karen during two job transitions. I am a single mother of two, PTA volunteer, and I am busy creating a life for my children. When I worked with her the first time, I was going through my divorce and worked part time. I had no idea which steps to take next and definitely had no time to pursue a job search so I opted for a full career search. We worked together to identify and market my customer service skills as a part-time office manager into a promising help desk position. When that company downsized in 2005 I contacted Karen again. Within two months she had done her magic again.... - maximized mom

    I worked with Karen during a job transition from years working as an industrial project manager. Karen convinced me of my value. When I contacted her I called myself a construction worker but she uncovered skills and accomplishments that I took for granted....
    - off the road

    I contacted Karen after I completed a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Technology following a ten year stint working in Corporate Management. I was seriously concerned with my job possibilities in a post 9/11 economy and I had no idea how to convert all of my technical knowledge into a resume that was going to get me a technical job.... - back on track and I finally got “IT”


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Coaching Articles

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  1. Mission Statement
    Our Mission is to create a marketing brand image for your greatest product in life, YOU!

    Our Purpose is to act as a catalyst in your job preparation and execution acting with your best interests at heart and to communicate the truth.

    Our Vision is to generate solutions that improve your quality of life.

    We Value Strategy, Communication, Effective Execution, and Respect for Limitations...

  2. Here is the coaching process:
    Step 1: Identify Accomplishments and Reshape Resume according to the Job Ad.
    You will send me 1-3 target job advertisements.
    I develop questions for you to answer, based off the job ad not your work experience, you will probably have to go through a significant amount of searching trying to get what I am asking for, but it is worth it in the end.
    Some of the questions will also be for me to understand what you do for a living in an in-depth manner...
  3. What you can expect to get out of this process:
    -Knowing exactly what you bring to your employers which can help in justifying moving you, a promotion, more money, and also feeling really good about yourself.

    -A better understanding of the market and how to pay attention to changes that you can take advantage of.

    -A better understanding of the role of HR and what they are thinking.

  4. My Obligation:
    -To make you think in a way about your career from the perspective of the hiring manager.

    -To be honest and represent your work honestly although sometimes creatively based on your comfort level.

    -To be fair, if I do not think you can get the job, I may refuse to write a resume for it.

    -To be transparent. I will tell you why I am doing certain things so you understand the overall purpose.

  5. Your Obligation:
    -Trust my knowledge.
    Resumes are like artwork. People will have different feelings on them but if they get you a call they did their job.

    -Be ready to get passionate about something.
    I have found my clients that really hone in and decide what they want to do are much more successful than the ones that shoot at anything that flies.

    -Be patient:...
  6. Career Exploration and Strategy:
    Most of my clients know what they want and need help to get them there.

    A person that is at a tipping point in their career usually exhibits some level of discomfort, agitation, and frustration.

    My philosophy is that this comes from misalignment with one's current work with their life's mission.

    In addition to identifying potential new career options I will advise on desired or required education...
  7. Career Prep Self-Sabotage
    Do you find yourself talking yourself out of job before you ever apply or interview for it?

    You are not alone.
    Many people sabotage their own possibilities without either applying or before entering into the interview.

    Here are some common self sabotage issues...
  8. MY Professional Experience
    17 years of professional experience
    including recruiting, screening, hiring, onboarding, training, academic advising, internship and professional mentoring program development, and process re-engineering.


    • MBA: Human Resources
    • 2nd year Doctoral Candidate. Specialization: Economic Development Policy

    Career Strategist

    • 90% of my clients are not getting calls on their resumes or offers on their interviews.
    • I propose and coach on strategies to change that including redefining the resume, reshaping the interview answers, and, in this bad market, proposing different networking methods or becoming an entrepreneur....
  9. Cost of Services:
    As far as payment,

    I charge a sliding scale based on the average hourly wage of the person I am working with as an even exchange for services with a minimum hourly of $25 per hour.

    Most of my resume packages range from $250 to $500 for the resume, cover letter, and interview prep.

    Please contact me through my email: to discuss my fees or to recieve a quote.

    Career exploration can vary.

    I charge double for work that must be completed within 48 hours of the request.

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